Hello, I'm Danny and live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I first heard about Tears for Fears in 1985 when Songs from the Big Chair came out. My sister, Robin, took me to see the concert for that album at the Las Vegas Convention Center (of all places...). I was 17 then. Some time later, The Working Hour really started to have meaning for me. That's when I became the fan that I am today.

When people ask me why I'm a fan, it is difficult to explain. It is basically a 'cosmic connection' - a deep understanding that I and other Tears for Fears fans share... As Roland would put it, "it's something from the outer cosmos".

I'm a serious collector of anything I can get my hands on. I'm always looking for rare or interesting items.

If you would like to see pictures and news from around my home (roommates, pets, so on...), click here. This will take you to part of my roommate's Homepage but you will have a link back on that page to return here.

Feel free to visit my friend, Mike.  He did the programming and background art for this page. His homepage is here.

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