On this page, I will be featuring photos, articles, or rare items for your viewing pleasure. Please if you have something you would like to feature. I would be happy to show it. More cool stuff can be found in my Gallery.


The two outside pictures are "After Show" passes from the Songs From The Big Chair Tour. All three of these were found in a music memorabilia store at Downtown Disney's Pleasure Island in Walt Disney World. The middle one has obviously been out in the elements. I'm not sure which show it is from...


The Sun The Moon The Wind The Rain

These four pictures are from the mini-CD single of Woman in Chains. The CD lies in the middle of a circle of sun rays with the first picture covering it. As you lift the sun, you see the moon, then wind, rain, and finally, the mini CD. The single also includes the tracks: Always in the Past, My Life in the Suicide Ranks, and the instrumental version of Woman in Chains.

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